Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cable cast on for stretchy edge

This cast on creates a solid edge. It is quite similar to the Knitted Cast On. The difference is in where you insert your needle and draw the loop through. In the Knitted Cast On, you are drawing it from the previous stitch. Here, we draw it from between the two previous stitches.
Make a slip knot and slide it onto one needle. Create a second stitch by using the Knitted Cast On method.
Insert the tip of your right needle between the two stitches in your left needle.
Wrap the yarn around and draw a loop through.
Insert your left needle tip into this loop from right to left and remove your right needle from the stitch. (I find that this is easier if you use a crochet hook to maneuver the yarn through the cast on process)
Repeat these steps to create the appropriate number of cast on stitches, lightly tightening the stitches as you go along.

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